I am the proud owner of an inherited sewing machine.  It is old.  It is well used.  But it is mine.  Now all I need to do is learn how to use it…

I am extremely pleased that my two loves; technology and hand crafting, go so well together.  When it came to working out how to thread the machine, the bobbin and get it working, where do you think I turned?  To the interweb of course!  BANG, within three seconds I had the manual as a PDF on my desktop and was able to work out how to get started from that.

And then back to the computer for patterns.  I started very cautiously and the first few attempts were very sad.  I kept trying and managed to make some cute tote bags.  Now, I’m going to start looking for a few more ambitious patterns.  I would really love to attempt a quilt next year.

Any tips for a beginner?  I would eventually like to buy a new machine.  Recommendations?  What’s your favourite thing to sew?

Sewing Sewing machine Sewing Machine 2 Bag 2 Bag 1



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