Each January gives me the chance to start afresh but that can’t be done until I have completed my ‘Year in Review’.  There is so much that happens in a family in twelve months, especially with growing children.  So many new adventures and always firsts of some kind.

Here are some of the things that happened in 2012 that I have revisited and reviewed.


Lawrence turned 50, but the party was dampened by Daniel’s teeth being chipped and shattered.  $1,200 later and he still looks as cute as ever, even if it’s because he has some battle scars.  In contrast, Lawrence took the new decade in his stride.



Back to school and Ashleigh got engaged.  Wow, that doesn’t seem so long ago but so much has changed in a year for her.  Now a married woman!



We snuck in another week’s holiday and had such a lovely time.  The trip back to home on the bus and train was another thing altogether, but it gives you a story or two to remember the holiday by.

We had a lovely night out celebrating a neighbour’s 80th Birthday!



Looking back on photos of Jack this year I can’t believe how much he has changed.  He grew 14 inches in 2012.  And the changes in his face are amazing.  So grown up now.  I know his little brother misses the old Jack, but the new Jack is growing into a fine young man.  Daniel will catch up one day.



Peace is not where there is no noise, trouble or hard work, but to be in the midst of those things & still be calm in your heart.
Alexander L Harris Delphi Leaders


Preparing for the Primary School Reunion.



Catching up with old school friends and it was a great laugh!


It was also the tenth year without my Dad and writting this out reminds me of how many things he missed last year and in the previous ten years.  Miss you Dad and always will!

Jack got his braces on.  And of course, Dan turned 10!Image


My brother got a distinction for one of his subjects.  Will be fantastic to see one of the family graduate from Uni (eventually).  I’m going to be next, or maybe first??


Moved into the next check box for age when filling in forms, YUCK!


Revisited the 80’s for a friend’s birthday party.  Must say, it was very easy to slip back into that, questionable, ‘style’.


And of course, my other baby turned 14!



Was a time to prepare for the ‘big’ things of the year;  Christmas, New Year, Weddding, holidays.  Very busy as always, but we managed to sneak in a trip to the beach, just Lawrence and I.


The biggest event was twenty years married!  WOW, never thought that would happen and happier than ever, truly!


Well, that was 2012 in review.  A might fine year for me.


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