I have my machine and I’ve been going flat out with all sorts of projects.  I am now ready to tackle some more involved projects.  Sewing a straight line for bag number ten can get a bit tedious.  I’m not one to keep on at the same thing over and over just to perfect.  I want to push myself futher and harder to perfect!

So, I get started on my most ambitious project to date, a little simple summer swing top for my little girl friend.

snappy toddler top

And as soon as I started, I got a terrible loopy effect on the bottom stitch.  Now, having very little experience with sewing machines, I have no idea where to start to try and rectify this problem.

Sewing problems

I am hoping a visit from a good friend who is very experienced with machines, might have me back in action asap.  In the meantime, I’ve gone back to my first love, knitting.  I’ve started on the following scarf from the Purl Bee in deep, deep navy and lolly pink.  Slow going but looks lovely.


If you have any idea of what I can do to try and fix this little problem, I would be very grateful.


5 thoughts on “My Sewing Fails

  1. There’s something wrong with the way the machine is threaded, or the way the bobbin is feeding. Unthread the machine and try again. Sometimes it’s just one little loop that’s been missed!!

    • Thank you, I had suspected this from my internet searches. I think I’m not getting it in the right position behind the tension dial, sandwiched between the tension plates. Will go back to the manual and track it step by step instead of relying on memory! Thanks so much for your assistance. I’m actually working on the Sorbetto Top next!

  2. there’s a problem with the thread’s tension, I do not believe is a problem with the bobbin (in those cases can be damaged the needle more frequently). I usually re-thread my sewing machine when this happens. good luck.

    • Thanks so much for the advice. I have re-threaded a few times. I think it probably needs a service. It had not been used for a long while before I got the machine and it is quite old. Will see how it goes after a service.

  3. Looks like the top tension needs adjusting – if you’ve rethreaded and rewound the bobbin and changed the needle and it’s still misbehaving then you can fiddle with the tension dials – though you’ll need to check a manual to make sure which are the tension adjusters and which are stitch length. You can’t do anything too catastrophic to it, unless you end up taking a screwdriver to it n which case I’d call in the experts!

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