After the terrible time I had with my machine just a few weeks ago, I have now started my sewing classes and got a new ‘pre-loved’ sewing machine thanks to a favourite Aunt.  It is a Bernina Record and it is a real beauty!  She is definitely inspiring admiring glances at sewing class.

The lovely and very handy Pierre, got the old Singer working again and the Bernina.  Both probably could do with a service but that can wait for now.

I am once again up and running with some new creations.

Sewing Kit 1 Little Sun Dress Sewing Kit 2

Two sewing Kits to take to class (one for a friend) and a little sun dress.

I have a number of new patterns and can’t wait to get started on some more complex patterns or actually some simple patters but something for me.

I finally know how to use Bias tape correctly, so that’s a new skill.  I have also got some new fabric for future patterns.  The only problem now is so little time to actually get to the machine!

Next few weeks I would love to progress to knits.

For dinner tonight, the Wednesday night special (easy for after the gym and the kids sport training), pasta with bacon and pasata with mushrooms for me but none for the boys.  Why do they not like mushrooms?


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